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What are Micro-greens?

They are tiny edible greens grown from seeds of vegetables and herbs harvested at their most nutritious and delicious state - full of concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Micro-greens are not sprouts.

Unlike sprouts micro-greens have leaves. Sprouts are germinated seeds- the first stage of plant growth.  After soaking in water sprouts grow up to 2 days in darkness before they are harvested from their container. This warm, dark, moist environment can grow unwanted bacteria that may cause serious illness which is why the FDA warns against eating raw sprouts.

Micro-greens are like baby greens just smaller. Like baby greens they are seeded in soil, watered, grown with light, good air circulation and harvested just above the soil line.  Micro-greens have more intense flavors and colors than sprouts or baby greens due to their higher concentrations of nutrients. According to the USDA's Agricultural Research Service at equal weights micro-greens can contain from five up to forty times more nutrients than the leaves of their mature plants.

Why should I eat micro-greens?

Our bodies need living foods like micro-greens to repair, heal, disinfect and detoxify from daily environmental toxins and stress.  Foods grown in organic soils with clean water without chemical fertilizers and pesticides provide our bodies with the richest nutrient dense foods allowing our bodies to replenish and thrive not just survive.

How are micro-greens used?

Eat local and eat your greens every day with our micro-greens!

Enhance the nutrient content of your meals and improve your overall health with powerful phytonutrients and enzymes. Use in sandwiches, salads and wraps or add to food after cooking like stir-fry, soups and stews.  

A colorful bed of micro-greens pairs beautifully with baked fish, chicken, beef, tempeh or tofu.


How do we grow our micro-greens?

We source our seeds from companies that sell non-GMO safe seeds specified for growing micro-greens .

We grow our greens in organically certified soil in a climate controlled environment, year-round.  We do not use chemicals or fertilizers as most micro-greens get everything they need from seed, soil, water and light.  Our greens are grown under cool temperature LED lighting allowing us to produce a consistent product.  Each crop is grown in fresh soil (we never re-use soil).  Once harvested we recycle the soil into our herb and flower gardens. 

How long will my delivered micro-greens last?

Your micro-greens are exceptionally fresh as they are harvested the day before (sometimes the same day) of delivery providing you with superior quality and nutrition. These living foods are inherently fresh because they are alive and best used within 7 days. Keep in your vegetable crisper to extend the life of your greens.

How do I order micro-greens?

Check out our products page to see what's growing. Once you see what you'd like text, email or call to order.  We will respond with a confirmation before we begin growing your micro-greens.

Why is there a 2 week advanced notice required when ordering?

We grow to order! This highly nutritious living food requires planning, seeding, watering and harvesting.  Each step takes time and care to produce the most vibrant, nutrient dense micro-greens possible.  We request 2 weeks advance notice for first time orders and changes to personal plans. 

What options are available?


Personal plans:

When you have decided on the greens of interest text, call or email to arrange weekly, biweekly or monthly delivery/pick up.  We will send you instructions on how to receive your greens and payment options.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, ACH deposits, Checks, Zelle and Venmo. 

COD (cash on delivery) unless other arrangements have been made.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the Fayette County area and surrounding counties.

Free delivery for orders greater than $45.

$10 delivery fee for orders less than $45.

$20 delivery fee for orders outside of Fayette County.

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